Pretty percolator bongs are here to provide our fairies with the smoothest of rides into happily-ever-after๐ŸŒฟ!

Move over, bro-bongs. We have the prettiest, cutest percolator bongs in the most feminine styles around.

Fairies shouldn't have to settle for manly looking bongs just because they want the best filtration systems possible. Our range is especially curated by women, for women, to ensure all fairies get the smooth smoke they deserve- in style!

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Percolator bongs vs. regular bongs

Perc bongs have a lot of hype around them, so itโ€™s understandable that you might be wondering why theyโ€™re considered better than a standard bong. Here weโ€™ve listed a handful of reasons as to why our fairies prefer percolator to regular bongs.

-->ย Not as harsh

You know that face you pull right after you take a super harsh hit that burns your throat? Definitely not your sweetest look. A percolator bong forces your smoke through extra layers of filtration, so we guarantee that itโ€™ll give you a deep smoke without having to pull that face. Smooth, baby.

-->ย Smoother = reduced coughing

Usually right after you pull the face from a harsh hit comes the coughing fit. The easy, smooth smoke created by a perc bong is sure to get you more time smoking and less time coughing.

-->ย More sophisticatedย look

Because percolator bongs require more skill to design, you usually find that they come in much cuter, well thought-out designs. Our percolator bongs are some of the girliest of the girly!

How to get the best girly percolator bong

Annoyingly, girly percolator glass bongs are some of the hardest to find when looking at other online headshops. There are a few things that every fairy should keep in mind when searching for that perfect perc piece.

Firstly, buy from a female-lead store! Headshops that are created especially with female tastes in mind, by female minds, are certainly more likely to have your dream glass percolator bong.

Never buy a bong from another, generic headshop simply because itโ€™s their only โ€˜pinkโ€™ or โ€˜girlyโ€™ option. You deserve so much more than that! If there are only a couple of options for โ€˜girlyโ€™ bongs at another headshop, always be wary that itโ€™s likely theyโ€™re pretty low quality, as theyโ€™re unfortunately treated as novelty items.

In the same vein, always shop from a store with a large range of feminine percolator bongs so that you actually get a bong you like. Weโ€™ve all had to put up with the tacky, over-saturated pink stuff before that gets stuffed in the back of your closet after every use. Buying from a female-lead store guarantees that youโ€™ll find percolator bongs for sale that you actually like and want to show off to the girls!

Girliest percolator bongs

With all that being said, we know our stoner babes through and through, and we know you still want a tastefully girly glass bong. Well, look no further- step into our little mystical forest of girly perc bongs to find your happy ending! Shop our girliest bong bestsellers here!

Types of bong percolator

There are a whole range of percolator types available out there - around 10 different ones altogether - but this is our list of the most fun, feminine perc types around!

Inline Percolator

An inline percolator is a long, horizontal perc that sits close to the bottom of the bong. It has tiny slits along the the tube to allow multiple points of filtration through bubbles. Usually paired with another perc such as a tree percolator for added cooling and smoothness effects.

Swiss Percolator

A swiss percolator gets its name from swiss cheese, because it features an array of holes on the outside of the actual bong itself! This forces air through the holes to increase the number of bubbles created in the bong water, which both cools and filters the smoke for a squeaky-clean hit.

Tree Percolator

Another bong percolator which gets its namesake from how it looks- literally like a tree- tree bongs are comprised of lots of little arms. Each arm has small slits in it, and the smoke comes from the chamber below it, which pushes the smoke through the branches and into the water to form lots of little bubbles. Notoriously one of the prettiest pieces of glass to look at!

Turbine Percolator

The turbine percolator is probably one of the coolest forms of percolator in terms of visual effects. A turbine perc is a disk in the tube of the bong, the same as a honeycomb perc, that has a series of diagonal slits which turn the water into a little tornado!

Percolator bongs: The perfect gift

Percolator bongs are one of the sweetest gifts that a girl could give. Made from strong borosilicate glass materials that are bound to last, our feminine designs are everything that an advanced high queen could want. Browse our featured bong designs which provide you with some of the cutest gift options around.

Why buy a perc bong from HerFairyTales?

Because weโ€™re your favorite feminine online headshop, duh! No but really, hereโ€™s why weโ€™re your new best friend.

1.ย Female run

Yup, you heard me- HerFairyTales is totally female lead. Girls support girls, always- so stick with us for your percolator bongs and weโ€™ll definitely stick with you.

2.ย Largest online selection of girly percolator glass bongs

Weโ€™re not the best female online headshop for nothing. We have the biggest online selection of glass perc bongs in just about every cute concept you could think of.

3. Lower prices on premium materials

Our percolator bongs might be girly, but they sure pack a punch when it comes to quality. Super durable materials at purse-friendly prices.

4. Free US shipping

All orders of pretty percolator bongs, no matter the total, come with fast, free US shipping.

Cheap pretty percolator bongs for sale

Perc bongs have a reputation for being on the pricier end of things, but we still have some of the girliest, cutest percolator bong designs around for fairies in a financial squeeze. Check out our cheapest percolator bongs that we offer right here.

FAQ's about percolator bongs

-->ย Is using a perc bong the same as using a regular bong?

In terms of how you use it, yes. You draw the smoke in the exact same way you would a regular bong. The only difference is that a bong percolator forces your smoke through either 1, 2, or 3 extra levels of filtration, meaning itโ€™s super clean by the time you inhale.

-->ย What girly perc bong colors do you carry?

Pretty much any pretty perc bong color you can think of, we stock it. Pink, purple, yellow; everything to make sure our fairies perc pretty in pink!

-->ย Are perc bongs healthier for you?

Thereโ€™s no direct evidence that percolator bongs are โ€˜healthierโ€™ for you, but given that theyโ€™re way easier on the throat and donโ€™t make you cough as heavily, itโ€™s pretty safe to say that perc bongs are likely to be a little healthier for you.

-->ย What payment methods can I use?

HerFairyTales accepts PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

-->ย How long will it take for my perc bong to be delivered?

We use super fast, free shipping which ships your order discreetly in 1-3 days.

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