Girly rigs are here for fairies who know that the cutest way to smoke is with concentrates! 🧚‍♀️

If you're a budder babe or sassy shatter queen, we've got the perfect collection for you. Hand-picked by the female fairies at HFT, we stock the prettiest, girliest dab rigs of any headshop! From bold bestsellers to the simply effective cheapest rigs, you'll find every rig a girl could ever wish for on our shelves!

Check out the featured dab rigs for the hottest and hardest hitting rigs in the girly game!

HerFairyTales - #1 Choice for Cute, Girly Glass Rigs for Sale

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    40+ Glass Rigs
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  Low Prices, Free Gift
  100% Female Led
  By Fairies, for Fairies
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