For babes on a budget, we bring you the girliest bongs in the game for under $75! ๐Ÿ˜‰

HerFairyTales' dedicated female team handpicks every bong under $75 that makes it into our collection, ensuring that even the cheapest girly bongs are the prettiest, cutest bongs for sale online. Even our beautiful bongs below $20 and $30 are made from hard-wearing materials to make sure they last longer than your mani.

So whether you're the influencer type looking for an affordable new piece to post all over your feed, or the kind who wants to know our fairy's fave featured pieces, there's a girly bong under $75 here for every stoner babe!

HerFairyTales - #1 Choice for Cute, Girly Bongs Below $75 for Sale

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